Electrical Consultancy

MIDAS provides energy efficient electrical systems requiring minimum level of maintenance and providing maximum level of safety and energy saving.
Internal Electrical Design

We design electrical systems using the latest technologies considering specific project requirements along with compliance of all relevant Indian and International codes.

External Electrical Installation

We recommend the use of astronomical time switches for controlling external lighting. These switches are programmable on the basis of sunrise and sunset, and work without the use of light sensor.

Sub Station

We recommend the setting-up of sub-stations, as far as possible, near the load centers to minimize installation cost and voltage drops. Transformers are selected on the basis of 'minimum load loss' and 'no load-loss' and these are type tested.

Standby Power Generation

Generators are provided in compliance with project requirement and to supply power automatically within 12 to 14 seconds on interruption of grid power supply.

Elevators, Escalators
and Moving Walks

To support high level of building operation services, we perform a performance/traffic analysis which considers factors such as the number of elevators/escalators, their type, speed and capacity.

Voice & Data

We plan Voice and Data Networking systems based upon project specific requirements. We deploy the latest technology cabling system that is adaptable to new requirements.

MATV System

Based upon the latest technology and project specific requirement, our MATV systems are designed to minimise signal losses and ensure excellent audio/video quality.

UPS System

We deploy the latest technology UPS systems to provide uninterrupted power supply for computers, servers, data centers and other low voltage equipment.

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